"Holt rectifies a serious wrong committed by authors of books on Disney and his studio as she tells the often-omitted stories of these enormously talented women"

-Library Journal

"A crisp reflection on Hollywood's charged and changing relationship with beauty, race, and fame."

-Margot Lee Shetterly

New York Times bestselling author of Hidden Figures

"A compelling story of women with talent, artistic vision and spines of steel."

-Kirkus Reviews

"This is one you won't want to miss–and won't want to put down."

-Brian Jay Jones

New York Times bestselling author of Becoming Dr. Seuss and George Lucas: A life

"These women gave us our great childhood dramas. They gave us magic, fantasy, hope, fear, love, adventure, villainry, heroism, big-eared elephants, glass slippers, spotted puppies--lavish and cherished imaginary worlds. Theirs is a remarkable true story, unforgettably told."

-Liza Mundy, New York Times bestselling author of Code Girls

"Holt’s thorough and enchanting account will be a must-read for Disney enthusiasts and champions of women’s artistic contributions"

-Publishers Weekly

"Grips from the first page with its alternately harrowing and inspiring tale of the women who breathed life into iconic Disney characters."

-Mary Gabriel, author of Ninth Street Women


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